Top 8 Plants a Beginner Gardener Should Grow

When you just start growing plants, no matter which, it’s always hard and you feel uncertain about the quality of your work. Waiting for the first signs of the plant growing is always fascinating and it can make you really happy. There is no need to start with the “complicated” plants that require a lot of time and effort. There are some simple things you could try growing and they’re almost impossible to screw up. If growing indoors, make sure you stick to LED plant lights, as they are the least complicated.

8 Easiest Plants to Grow If You Are a Beginner

Your own first plants are always the best and the most memorable, even if it’s something that simple.

  1. Yes, regular lettuce you usually get in a store can be growing well off your balcony. The best thing about it is that it takes very little space, so it’s possible even if you have a tiny area. It could also be growing right next to many others plants without any conflicts.

What could be easier than that? You could try cherry tomatoes since they’re smaller and sweeter. The only specific requirements for those is the sunshine, don’t put those in shade, and something to support their growth.

  1. Sometimes this one can be quite expensive to get from a supermarket and mind tea is something to kill for. The plant asks for little care, but be careful since it likes to spread.
  2. Right, this one can’t probably be grown in a tiny flat, but if you have a garden of your own this one is a great choice. It produces a lot of harvests and grows really fast. Summer squash loves the sun and well-fertilized soil.
  3. If your soil is not-so-good right now and you can’t spend much to improve its quality, some radishes still can grow really well.
  4. This sounds fancy, but those are hardy plants and as long as you give them enough sun they’ll be perfectly alright.
  5. Green beans.
    Those are fun to harvest, they are delicious and you can cook those in many ways. Of course, those too come in many varieties, and you’ll have to choose your type.
  6. Those are easy to grow, fun to harvest and quite good to use. It’s nice to eat the food you grow yourself, but be ready that the carrots might not be too big at once, they love some good and deep soil.

Don’t Worry About the Skills

Planting and gardening are the tasks our ancestors learned really quickly and it doesn’t require to be a pro to grow some radishes and green beans wherever you like. And once you try, you’ll learn from your own mistakes and the next try will be much better. The whole thing about gardening is to try and to be ready to experiment with the conditions and the plants.


Growing plants can be really easy no matter where you live or what your skills are. And you’ll be extremely satisfied to see the result of your labor. The food you grow yourself can also be much healthier because you definitely know all the ingredients used to produce it and don’t use chemicals. You kids would love to see something like that on your balcony or to help you in the garden.

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