Hanging My Hammock From My Garden Gazebo

I recently bought myself a new hammock because I thought it would be the perfect way to enjoy my garden. I didn’t know much about hammocks, but I found a great website called Hammocked, where I found all the information I needed.

I spent a few days doing research: reading the various buying guys and all of the product descriptions. In the end I decided on a Mayan hammock, because I love how beautiful they are. I spent a lot more than I thought I would, but I think it was worth it.

hammock hanging in garden

I knew I wanted to hang my new Mayan hammock from the gazebo in my garden. The problem was, I had no idea how to go about doing that.

How you hang a hammock?

I always saw them hanging from trees. A rope was tied around the tree and the hammock was hanging from that. It seems so simple, but I didn’t want to string a rope around the poles of the gazebo. But I didn’t think they would be strong enough to hold up the hammock, especially if larger people sit in it. And there are several larger people in my family that could easily break that kind of a hammock setup.

Luckily hammocked.com has a guide on hanging your a hammock. It covers a bunch of different situations, including one where you would hang the hammock from above. This seemed perfect for my situation.

hammock hanging in beautiful garden

While the force on the poles would pull them inward and might collapse the gazebo, hanging the hammock from the rafters above puts the pressure down onto the top of the poles, which they can handle. They are much stronger in this direction.

The only problem was that there is really no way to loop a rope around the top of the gazebo because of the way it is built. What I had to do was actually bolt some hammock hooks into the top of the gazebo and then hang the rope and the hammocks from the hooks.

I bought a set of hammock hooks from the same website Hammocked. Putting them into the gazebo was not hard. I simply had to drill some holes that were about the same size as the bolts, but slightly smaller. Then I hammered the bolts in. The way these bolts are made is that when you tighten them they force a sleeve they are in to expand and grip into the wood. It was a lot easier than installing my security system.

This makes for an extremely solid grip. You can hang a hammock from a cement wall or something wood like my gazebo or any other material. These hooks are pretty cool the way they work.

Alternatively, I also could have just gotten some regular hooks, as long as they were large enough, and screw them into the wood and then hang the hammock from that. These types of hooks are shown in the following video.

But I chose to go with a more permanent and more secure route. I know I won’t be removing my hammock from the gazebo for a long time. Especially now that I have a portable record player meaning I can enjoy listening to my favorite music on vinyl whenever I’m out in my gazebo.

I knew that the first time I got in the hammock and got myself a cup of tea and stared out at my beautiful fruit and flower garden. This is exactly how I had pictured spending time in my hammock. My new purchase definitely did not disappoint.

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