Best Surveillance Cameras For Securing Expensive Gardening Equipment

If you’re serious about gardening, you’ve probably got a lot of gardening equipment. Even if it’s only a hobby, you’re likely to have quite a bit of money tied up in gardening stuff. Some of that equipment is quite expensive.

That is especially true for LED grow lights. As I mentioned in a previous article, I bought a few for myself and was immediately faced with a problem. How do I ensure that my LED grow lights are safe and secure? How do I keep burglars from stealing them?

I knew I needed to get myself a surveillance system, complete with cameras and everything that goes with it. I did a lot of research on review sites and compared various security cameras and entire security systems. These included motion detectors, door sensors, solar powered motion detecting security lights and more. I even looked up fake cameras, in an effort to save some money.

Surveillance cameras securing a building

In the end I went with a real security system with real cameras. But I did buy quite a few fake cameras to place around my property as well. The ones I bought look exactly like my real ones, so it makes it look like I have far more cameras than I actually do. Is very hard to tell which ones are real and which ones are fake, especially at night.

I’m hoping this combination will deter any criminals from even trying to break into my home. And more importantly from trying to break into my grow house to take my LED grow lights. If they do try to break in, I’m confident my security system will alert me and alert the police in time and also make it hard enough that they won’t actually get in. But I prefer if they don’t even try in the first place. That just makes things easier.

I think that is probably the best value that a security system offers us. It works as a deterrent to keep people from even trying to take your things. That said, it is also great to know that I have a recorded record of everything that happens. If someone does break in, I will have them on tape and I can show it to the police, making it more likely that they will catch the burglar and return my grow lights or other gardening equipment to me.

My camera system has a Wi-Fi feature, which allows me to view my cameras live from my smart phone. This is so cool. The matter where I am, even if I’m on vacation on another continent, I can keep watch over my home. If my motion detectors sense anything, I get an alert. Then I quickly login and cycle through my cameras to see what is going on in my home. If need be, I contact the police and alert them as well.

Security system app on phone

This kind of security system is so much better than the old kind where you had to physically be at the location to view recorded tapes. It meant that you wouldn’t know if your house is being broken into, until it was far too late. You would have a video record of it, but it is much better to know when something is happening live. Then you can alert the police and they can get there in time to catch the criminal red-handed.

You can also enable countermeasures. In my case, I have some noise machines that make noise if I detect somebody, so that they are scared off. I also have a fake television, which is basically a set of LED lights that randomly flashes on and off to make it look like a TV is on in the home. It is another great deterrent against criminals.

I’m hoping all of these security measures work and I keep my gardening equipment and my LED grow lights safe and secure. The security equipment did cost me a lot of money, but I hope the peace of mind and the protection it offers is worth it in the end.

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