About Us

If you’ve been scrolling for hours and found yourself on the pages of this website, or you’re our long-time reader we’re glad to welcome you. We’ve been working to create a place for all the soil-lovers, for the people who can spend hours with the plants and not to get bored or irritated with it all. For the people who spend their free time hanging in a hammock in their garden, enjoying the view and the feeling of bliss.

Whether you’re growing flowers in the pots on your balcony, or you have a land of many acres with fruit trees or a small piece of land next to your house and you’re working with veggies – you’re one of us. And we are more than happy if you’re a newcomer!

The website is still developing and we’re constantly working to make it better and more comfortable for the reader, so if you notice something going wrong – contact us. We are trying to provide you with all the most important things and news going in the world of plants and soil. You’ll find news, tips, and tricks, answer for all of your questions, especially concerning grow lights, reviews for all the products needed for your gardening in one neat place.

It’s really important for us to create a friendly atmosphere where no-one will feel triggered or out of place, and we’re working to make it a safe space for everyone. This is crucial since the soil-lovers come in all the genders, shapes and sizes and we respect and care for everyone.

We will do everything to assist a newcomer into the sphere, so if you don’t know where to start and what to start with, how to distinguish the good stuff from the bad – we’re here to help you. And our goal is to make the gardening process enjoyable for you and to enhance the quality of your products. We hope that our guidance will help you grown much better plants and you’ll be getting more satisfaction out of it.

Enjoy your reading and feel like home!